Screen printing

The main principle of the press - paint transport with stencil using special grid with small eyes on a variety of surfaces, shapes and sizes. 

Products: shirts, work clothing, caps, umbrella, handbags, flags, etc.

Prices: price depends on the print edition, press area, number of colors, type of product, etc.


Signs, text, graphics or other transferred onto fabric with special automatic embroidery machines, operating under the program tasks.

Before the start of the embroidery, it is prepared according to the model presented in the program.

Products: emblem, patch, caps, T-shirts, bandanas, and other articles of textile.

Prices: price depends on the amount of stitches.

Thermal transfer printing

Logos, texts or other graphic information is worked with special cutting device, colored polyurethane-based film, and then transferred with the thermal press on almost all types of textile fabrics.

Suitable for cotton, polyester and other synthetic fabrics;

Wide range of colors (over 20 colors);

Does not require any preparatory work (not used printing forms);

Subject to prudential requirements, stamps serve a long time.

Products: shirts, work clothing, sport clothes (sponsor logos, numbers), caps, etc.

Prices: the price depends on the size of the text or logo and the color number.

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